I am a Composer and Sound Designer for Video Games and Film. I am a classically trained Violinist and Pianist from a young age, specialising in Orchestral performances. Through my years studying music, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience working on a number of projects including Video Games and Short-films.  I graduated from the University of Surrey with a BMus in Music and followed this up by achieving an MA in Applied Sound for Interactive Media.

In the pursuit of my degrees, I became a very fast and disciplined worker, used to meeting short deadlines whilst also acquiring a wealth of both empirical and theoretical knowledge. For more information on me or more specific examples of my work, please contact me directly.




  • Groundbreak Productions – AJ Bell Investival 2016
  • Dubit Limited – Guardians of Ancora (Game)
  • Recluse Industries – Solitude (VR Game)
  • BSV-Productions – AerialStage



  • BMus in Music
  • M.A., in Applied Sound for Interactive Media